How to survive a long-haul flight as a smoker

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Arrest upon landing and fines of up to 5,000 USD are not a Joke. It’s true that long-haul flights can be a nightmare for heavy smokers, but there are ways to minimise the cravings during flights. Here are some tips to keep your sanity while you’re still in the air.

1. Make it to the airport with enough time to smoke

This is the most obvious one, you should smoke before your flight. If you really struggle to control the cravings you should make it to the airport with some extra minutes so you can do your check-in, drop your bags and not have to go straight to security. Remember that being rushed will only make you more self-conscious about your cravings and it’s also well known that smokers need more nicotine when stressed.

2. Smoking areas

Be aware of their location at your airport. I have been surprised to find so many smoking areas at many airports where I thought there wouldn’t be any. Although they tend to look more like cages and might have so poor ventilation they will really make you consider quitting cold turkey, they are a great option for when the craving is just unbearable. Do some research and note the distance between these and your gates, remember that terminals tend to be larger than they look on maps.

3. Nicotine Gum

There are some rumors that say some airlines are advised to give nicotine gum to the passengers who light up cigarettes mid-flight. While the nicotine gum part is great (if true at all), there’s a lot at stake for those who light up cigarettes up there, it’s such a serious thing that one could get a permanent ban for life with the airline. If you go for the nicotine gum, make sure to try it before flying so your body gets used to it.

4. Stop smoking inside

If you smoke inside your home take a step and stop doing it. I personally just smoke when I’m outside and because of this I get little cravings when I’m indoors, same in flights. It’s a change for the best, all your belongings will stop smelling like ashes and you won’t be harming anyone with second-hand smoke.

5. Carry cigarettes and a lighter

You ARE ALLOWED to carry cigarettes and a small lighter. I have never had a problem with security in any country because of my lighters, just make sure it’s the smallest you can find. At some airports you won’t find any tobacco products and at some others, you won’t find any shops open when you need them, so carry your stuff with you.

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