Meeting people abroad is one of the most rewarding aspects of travel, but it can also be tricky if you don’t know where to look for them. For expats trying to overcome the cultural barrier and tourists looking for some fun, there are several tools available. While writing about the advantages of traveling alone, I realized it would be a good idea to talk about them. Whether you want to meet locals and improve your languages skills or just relax and remember good times with…Continue Reading “How to Meet People When You Travel Abroad”

Traveling alone can be one of the most daunting things for some. Will people pity you? Is it gonna be just boring? What happens if you get lost in a completely foreign place and you can’t even ask for directions? Most of the fear you will experience prior to traveling alone is completely irrational but looking on the bright side, there’s something thrilling about it. Isn’t conquering fears one of life’s biggest pleasures? A trip by yourself can be a great option if there’s a…Continue Reading “Traveling Alone is Anything but Boring”

“Why would anyone not want to have a window seat?” That’s how I used to think during my blunder years. But the passage of time, the burden of many full bladders and how tight economy can be have made me change my mind. The window seat surely comes with some perks I’m still an avid fan of; who doesn’t enjoy laying his head down on the wall of the plane? Or what about a great view of the city lights and skyscrapers during a night…Continue Reading “Aisle seat or window seat? The answer is quite clear…”

When flying, people are usually worried about the safety of the plane, rough landings, upset stomachs, delays, and turbulence. To me, it’s all about my checked bags. It can be hard to tell if something is missing from bags that weigh 23kg (I always get close to the weight limit). But once I discovered you can use the luggage scale to actually tell if something has been stolen from your bag. It’s nothing complicated but many people seem to miss it and I can’t believe…Continue Reading “How to tell if someone stole from your checked bag”

Collecting miles for one and only one airline is pretty much the way to go, at least for those of us who can’t afford traveling like demigods. I hard to learn this the hard(ish) way. In one of my transatlantic round trips, I saw that Delta and Airfrance were in the same alliance so I thought “why not open a frequent flyer account with both of them, it’s gonna give me more benefits”. No, it just didn’t work that way. One of the advantages of…Continue Reading “Why you shouldn’t collect miles from two different airlines”

There are many advantages to the high ceilings found today at many airports, some psychological ones, some logistic ones and some for the safety of the whole humankind. While on colder days some might complain that the heating might not be enough to warm up a space that could have been a five-story-high building or some others like my dad might find it to be a “waste of space”, these open spaces contribute a lot to our mental and physical well being.    Feeling of freedom Right…Continue Reading “This is why airports have such high ceilings and large windows”

find cheap international flights for less than 600 in 2018

The definition of cheap flights varies a lot among different people. Whenever a friend tells me they have found a great deal for an international flight, it’s something around 1000 USD. I just wonder what scammer is giving them those prices. Truth is, I rarely fly long haul for anything over 700 US Dollars or 600 Euro. I’m talking here about international round trips like Hamburg – Los Angeles or Cologne – Tokyo. At first, people seem reluctant to believe the price points I’m talking…Continue Reading “How to find international flights for less than $600 in 2018”

A couple smiles, good manners and box of chocolates won’t really make up for the price difference between economy and business or business and first. This is quite contrasting to what you might have found on other sites or is being said in endless youtube videos. You must keep in mind most of those sources are just looking for traffic and will since tell you what you want to hear. Keep in mind that upgrading is nonetheless quite possible if you keep the measures realistic….Continue Reading “Realistic ways to get a class upgrade on a flight”

Arrest upon landing and fines of up to 5,000 USD are not a Joke. It’s true that long-haul flights can be a nightmare for heavy smokers, but there are ways to minimise the cravings during flights. Here are some tips to keep your sanity while you’re still in the air. 1. Make it to the airport with enough time to smoke This is the most obvious one, you should smoke before your flight. If you really struggle to control the cravings you should make it…Continue Reading “How to survive a long-haul flight as a smoker”

Recently I booked a flight from Texas to Germany with two stops, one of them being Atlanta with a connection time of just a bit more than an hour. It could be quite tempting to book a flight like this, especially if you are already familiar with the airport, desperate to arrive at your destination and you know 40 minutes is enough to connect using time efficiently. While I was just flying back from vacation, the mild inconveniences I experienced when my original schedule was…Continue Reading “Is it worth booking flights with short connecting times?”