Meeting people abroad is one of the most rewarding aspects of travel, but it can also be tricky if you don’t know where to look for them. For expats trying to overcome the cultural barrier and tourists looking for some fun, there are several tools available. While writing about the advantages of traveling alone, I realized it would be a good idea to talk about them. Whether you want to meet locals and improve your languages skills or just relax and remember good times with…Continue Reading “How to Meet People When You Travel Abroad”

Traveling alone can be one of the most daunting things for some. Will people pity you? Is it gonna be just boring? What happens if you get lost in a completely foreign place and you can’t even ask for directions? Most of the fear you will experience prior to traveling alone is completely irrational but looking on the bright side, there’s something thrilling about it. Isn’t conquering fears one of life’s biggest pleasures? A trip by yourself can be a great option if there’s a…Continue Reading “Traveling Alone is Anything but Boring”

Being in love with someone who you can’t be with anymore will be the worst all time nightmare for many of us. Our brains will start creating fairytale stories in which forever is supposed to last forever and anything different than that is just inadequate to the standards we’ve been taught. In this process we can even realize how much of ourselves we gave for the other person to the point we don’t even know what makes us special anymore, and then after the struggle…Continue Reading “How to Forget Someone You Loved and Move On”

Motivation, we all wait for it to happen all of a sudden. When we are having a bad day, we stare silently at those who seem to be careless and creative with no effort and wonder if their brains work in a different way than ours. We like to wonder about it because subconsciously we’d actually want it to be that way, it’s easier for us to believe there’s something “wrong” with our brain mechanics than actually accepting that our attitude might be flawed by our…Continue Reading “Motivation Sucks, What You Need is Discipline”