Aisle seat or window seat? The answer is quite clear…

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“Why would anyone not want to have a window seat?” That’s how I used to think during my blunder years. But the passage of time, the burden of many full bladders and how tight economy can be have made me change my mind. The window seat surely comes with some perks I’m still an avid fan of; who doesn’t enjoy laying his head down on the wall of the plane? Or what about a great view of the city lights and skyscrapers during a night takeoff? Even better is an approach into ATL and counting the planes you see through the window at once, last time I counted 20 and it was breathtaking.  


I, however, must say that even with these advantages in mind, when it comes to long-haul flights, all my points go to the aisle seat. Not only will you be able to stretch into the aisle itself but you also get to use the lavatory as often as you please, which leads to making friends with the fellow aisle-seat mates you’ve been in line with for the lavatory for at least 3 times in the same flight. So we have stretched, used the lavatories as we pleased and increased our opportunities for social engagement, but does it get any better? The best is yet to come.


Since I used to fly a lot on window seats it became usual to limit the number of drinks I had on a flight. Just the stuff they offered with the meals and snacks was enough for my bladder to fill and my social skills to deteriorate trying to ask the guys next to me to stand up so I can use the lavatory. Even worse was when one (or even both) were asleep, good luck with that. But the first time I flew on an aisle seat by own choice it was different. I had an epiphany while I was looking at the drinks they leave for you to take in the service area; I could just take them. Not one or two, I could drink as much as I pleased cause you know, I’m the aisle seat guy. This alone was enough of a reason for me to reevaluate my priorities.


And let’s be real now. When you go for the window seat on a long-haul flight, how long does it take for everyone else to close their windows? This leaves you with no other option than closing yours as well cause you realize that by now the cabin is being illuminated mostly by the light coming through your window. This is an important factor as well; I book a window seat but I’m not able to use the window? No Thanks.


While I still love the Window seat for short flights I don’t think they are a great idea if you’re flying economy long haul.


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